The Rags To Riches Story Of An Olympian

A couple of the reasons I started this site is because

1. I love track and field

2. Because of stories like the following story

The rags to riches story of an Olympian, in this case Damian Warner is truely inspirational. Here is a kid who was born on the wrong side of the tracks, didn’t have any formal training in the decathlon until his early teens, didn’t have the priviledge of an existing high school track team yet he was able to overcome all of this, with the help of a few dedicated teachers who saw the potential in this kid and nurtured his talents. His desire to improve and to excel is a testiment to his character, and the driving force behind his rise in the athletic world. Below is an excerpt from a feature article on Damian Warner:

The Rags To Riches Story Of An Olympian

Life has changed for Damian Warner since the Olympics.

The Canadian decathlete surprised the world when he surpassed all expectations to finish an astounding fifth in London – in contention for a medal right to the end – in the most grueling event at the Games.

It’s no surprise that the up-and-coming star was underrated heading into the competition. The 22-year-old is from a so-called bad neighbourhood in London, Ont., he went to a high school that doesn’t have a history of breeding success stories, and he fell into athletics almost accidentally.

His accomplishments have changed all of that. Past and present students of Montcalm Secondary School have started to take pride in where they came from. Kids from Warner’s community all of a sudden have a chance. The born-and-bred Londoner is a true product of his hometown and he’s proud that it’s taken him as far as it already has.

“Montcalm and the neighbourhoods that I’ve lived in and around, they get a really bad rep,” Warner said. “There are obviously bad things and bad people around there, but that doesn’t mean that every single person in that area is bad. I think it shows, what I’ve done, that anybody can do it. There are a lot of other athletes in that area that can do it; they just need the same opportunities that I had.”

What makes this story a source of excitment for me is because I ran track, wasn’t the greatest at it, had friends who excel at track and so I am aware of the level of athleticism, mastery and dedication needed to compete at such a high level as the olmypics. Below you will find a 2011 video on the prospects of Warner going to the 2012 Olympics, it clearly reveals how raw a talent he is in the sport of the decathlon, take a look.

Damian Warner Prospects of Making The 2012 Olympics

This shows the dedication of this young man to his dream of making the 2012 Olympic team as a decathlete, would you bet against him being a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 Olympics? Hmm, obviously we will have to wait and see.…

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